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Explore the basics of gymnastics and learn a new trick to take your performance skills to the next level. Acro students cover a variety of stretches, strengthening, and tumbling patterns that highlight any individuals dance ability.


Using both the Cecchetti (Italian) and Vaganova (Russian) schools of classical ballet to teach students the beauty and grace that is Ballet. Placement, Musicality, Artistry, and History will be used to build and enforce a well-developed ballerina or danseur. Our ballet classes are also enforced with Pointe and Variations classes.

Hip Hop

Isolations, movement construction, and style will be the focus of this "street" form of movement. Students will explore the fun side of music video and commercial style hip hop in a fun filled atmosphere. Students will learn popular dances from songs/music videos as well as exploring their own creative flow. 


Fun, Energetic, and Passionate are all ways to describe jazz. Break the ballet mold with explosive tricks, spiraling floor work, and maximum attitude. Styles from musical theater, contemporary, all the way to competition/California jazz will be explored and sharpened. 


Taylor, Graham, and Horton techniques/styles will be used to explore this grounded, organic form of movement and expression. Students will learn modern dance repertoire from influential choreographers, vocabulary, improvisation, and style. 


Classical American, musical theater, and hoofer tap will be the emphasis of this rhythmic and percussive art form. Students will learn tap vocabulary, rhythm construction, musical timing/phrasing, as well as classic and contemporary tap repertoire from distinguished choreographers. 


Pointe technique is for serious ballet students only. The dancer is to dance on the tips of the toes and execute feats of artistic excellence. Ballet Students who show the physical and mental preparedness for pointe will receive a letter of recommendation from the artistic directors. Dancers en pointe must take technique class twice a week (or more if desired).

Musical Theater

This class will prepare students for the stage demands of musical theater. Different influential choreographers, shows, and styles will be covered and refined. Students will receive audition assistance in monologue and song choice. 


This class will allow serious ballet students to explore the demanding roles and variations in classical ballet repertoire. Female students must be En Pointe for this class.

Student Placement

The student programs begin with Level A, around age 7, and build up to Level C. These classes are designed to bring out the best in each student focusing on technique, musicality, artistry, and performance.  Whether you are a recreational performer or aspiring star, classes will be fun, informative, and professional. Students will progress through set levels of instruction based on technique, maturity, focus, and etiquette. Student class designations are not yearly progressions and they are not based on age. New students will be evaluated by the directors or teacher to determine proper class placement.

Level A

This level begins around age 7 with students learning the basics of movement, vocabulary, and style in their chosen fields of study. 

Level B

This level begins after the student has showed a good understanding and execution of movement patterns, vocabulary, maturity, and musical awareness. Students at this level will start refining their crafts with a focus on musicality/phrasing and performance while increasing their movement vocabulary. Ballet students generally transition to Pointe during this level. 

Level C

Level C is where technique blossoms into artistry. Students get to this level by showing determination, strong use of musical phrasings, and an enhanced comprehension and execution of movement vocabulary. Students at this level work on turning difficult movements into effortless expression. A strong focus on performance and emotive qualities are stressed along with finding ones own "voice" within the choreography.


Our Philosophy

We are a studio that takes pride on the technique, self esteem, and respect that we place into each student.


  • my children, now 7 and 9 have worked with the AMAZING teachers at this studio since 2009. I couldn't be more pleased with the level of personalized attention my children receive, organization of the studio and the talent of the professionals who teach at footprints. We will be part of this studio for years to come.
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