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Creative Movement

Best for children ages 3-4, in this class students will learn the foundations of dancing such as classroom etiquette, music theory, and basic dance technique, in a fun, creative atmosphere. (30 mins)

Dance Explorers

Best for children ages 4-5, in this class students will learn the fundamentals of dance placement, posture, and presentation. (45 mins)

Elementary Tap

For ages 5 and up, Happy Tappy students will learn basic hand and foot rhythms in classical American tap. (45mins)

Mommy and Me

Best for students 18 months to 3 years old with their parents or caregivers. This class will give the child freedom of movement and the parents a chance to bond with their child over dance. (30mins)


Best for children ages 5 and up, students will begin to lay the foundation for future dance work. This class stresses musicality, coordination, and performance. This class is 45 minutes.

Our Philosophy

We are a studio that takes pride on the technique, self esteem, and respect that we place into each student.


  • my children, now 7 and 9 have worked with the AMAZING teachers at this studio since 2009. I couldn't be more pleased with the level of personalized attention my children receive, organization of the studio and the talent of the professionals who teach at footprints. We will be part of this studio for years to come.
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